Habit hack

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By Erica Moe | Get Fit

What if I told you the secret to a creating a habit is doing less instead of more? You want to exercise on a daily basis? Carving an extra 90 minutes out of your day to create that new healthy behavior can feel like climbing Mt. Everest. Want to know the secret? Dr. B.J. Fogg is sharing his habit hack, called Tiny Habits. This just may be the easiest thing you do all week. Here is the secret to create a change in your habits:

Ask Kathy – July 14, 2017

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Hi Kathy: My partner and I have decided to move to Civita in Mission Valley as many of our friends have purchased there and they have nicknamed this master-planned community “North Hillcrest.” I have always heard that the pricing of homes in gay neighborhoods increases in value. Is this just because of stereotyping or is […]

Getting what you pay for

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Full-service Realtor versus 1 percent commission company By Kathy McSherry | Ask Kathy Hi Kathy: I recently noticed a home for sale by a 1 percent commission company. What does 1 percent offer and how does it compare with a full-service Realtor. —Tom S.


By Ron Stern | Global Gumshoe The cosmopolitan city of Germany Located in the East German state of Saxony at the confluence of three rivers, Leipzig has always been a historically important city. Many notable figures have lived here, and its citizens were instrumental in bringing about the fall of communism in Eastern Europe.