Bill would expand community college BA degree program

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By Jack Beresford A new bill introduced in the California Senate would accelerate a pilot program that allows a limited number of California community colleges to offer four-year degrees. Senate Bill 769 would expand California’s community college baccalaureate pilot program from 15 to 30 programs and remove the current sunset, scheduled for 2023.

Take a stand

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By Erica Moe | Get Fit Are you reading this sitting down? Statistics show that you probably are. Sitting has been equated to the new smoking. It is so harmful that your workout this morning may not make up for a day spent sitting. Seriously.


By Ron Stern | Global Gumshoe The cosmopolitan city of Germany Located in the East German state of Saxony at the confluence of three rivers, Leipzig has always been a historically important city. Many notable figures have lived here, and its citizens were instrumental in bringing about the fall of communism in Eastern Europe.

Letter to the Editor – March 10, 2017

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Housing and wages Re: “District 7 Dispatch: Housing Summit marks begging to fix San Diego’s housing crisis” [Volume 11, Issue 2 or] I recently read 7th District Councilmember Scott Sherman’s column concerning the upcoming Housing Summit, his take on the housing crisis here in San Diego, and wish to comment. While I appreciate Councilmember […]

STEAM programs in District 7 libraries this spring

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By Scott Sherman | District 7 Dispatch The San Diego Public Library is holding a new education initiative that gives children the opportunity to learn about science and the ecosystem in a series of programs based on the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) concept. Classes and workshops will be held at each branch library […]