Training a dog with leash reactivity

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By Sari Reis Does your sweet sociable canine turn into Cujo when he sees another dog while walking on leash? If so, he is likely displaying “leash reactivity.” I have met numerous dogs that are as sweet as can be off leash at the dog park but unruly and obnoxious when walking on leash. This […]

Acupuncture for pets, really?

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By Sari Reis Acupuncture is a non-drug treatment that was developed in China about 5,000 years ago. Its goal is to encourage the body to heal itself by correcting energy imbalances that exist. The philosophy is based on the concept of “Qi”, the life force of energy, which when out of balance, causes disease. By […]

PAWmicon makes pet adopters into superheroes

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By Jeff Clemetson | Editor

While Comic-Con offers sci-fi and comic book fans a chance to dress up as superheroes, the organizers of PAWmicon say their event can inspire real life superheroes to adopt orphan dogs and cats.

“There are thousands and thousands of people who will line up to see their superhero on a day of Comic-Con, but these little babies that we have over here wait sometimes months and months and years and years to meet their superhero,” said Jessica Gercke, communication director for Helen Woodward Animal Center. “So it’s a way of reminding people that they can do a superhero action on any day, by adopting an orphan pet.”

The scoop on kitty litter

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By Sari Reis When it comes to choosing cat litter, there are a multitude of choices available these days. There is clumping and non-clumping, scented and unscented. You can also choose between granules, crystals, grains, pellets and silica gel beads. Litter may be made of clay, corncobs, walnuts, pine chips, wheat or recycled newspapers. Some […]

Fat cats an epidemic

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By Sari Reis If you have a fat cat at home, you are not alone. Fifty-eight percent of our domestic cats are considered overweight or obese. Many people, not realizing their furry felines are overweight, continue to indulge them with food and treats as a form of showing their love. Unfortunately, this is a very […]

Are dogs and cats intuitive?

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By Sari Reis I recently went to meet a new client who had told me on the phone that his dog was a rescue and was quite timid around new people. When I met her, Lola appeared somewhat shy. I spoke to her softly and with his permission, offered her some treats. She took them […]

Six benefits of brushing your cat

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By Sari Reis As a professional pet sitter, one of the questions I ask potential clients at the consultation appointment is, “Does your cat like to be brushed?” About 15 percent say “yes,” another 20 percent say “no,” and the other 65 percent have said, “Never tried to brush the kitty.”

Is your cat drinking enough water?

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By Sari Reis Water makes up 80 percent of your cat’s body and is the most important nutrient they need. Unfortunately, as descendants from desert-living felines who got most of their water from their kills, drinking water from a bowl doesn’t come naturally for many of our domesticated cats.