Container gardening

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Growing a garden anywhere By Gary Jones Whether one has a yard or not, everyone can garden. Even the humblest, recycled container can hold a garden. And given that California’s water supply is so limited right now, gardening in pots may be the coolest thing a gardener can do.

7 ways to help trees and shrubs survive heat and drought

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By Gary Jones

It’s one thing to let our lawns go brown when water is tight. They probably shouldn’t have been planted in the first place. A thoughtful reimagining will no doubt result in a reasonably easy-to-achieve and beautiful substitution.

Trees and shrubs are another matter, however. They are not easily replaced, nor should we be doing so. Most well-established trees and shrubs are quite waterwise with the exceptions being some tropical plants. Removing, replanting and establishing new trees and shrubs will likely require more water than what has been uprooted.