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Letters to the Editor: Jan. 12, 2018

Posted: January 12th, 2018 | Featured, Letters to the editor, Opinion | No Comments

A questioning analysis

[Ref: “Taking a loop in a Tesla,” Vol. 11, Issue 8, or online at]

Just got through reading your article about Tesloop in the recent edition of the Mission Valley News and wish to comment.

First, I found the piece more of an advertisement for Tesla than as an article about a ride-sharing service. You spent a good portion of your article telling us about the vehicles that Tesla makes, what technological options Tesla vehicles possess, etc. (Although you were somewhat incorrect in that you wrote, “their driving range is approximately 250 miles.” While this figure may be for the high-optioned Tesla models, it is not for all their vehicles. Besides, ambient temperature, use of air conditioning, speed, terrain, how many passengers and luggage is aboard, etc., will all sap mileage.)

Second, I’m somewhat skeptical that Tesloop has no association with Tesla other than buying their cars for their ride-sharing business. Why would your driver, Michael, go into an explanation of the vehicles capabilities and the concierge, Miles, mention the Tesla’s safety rating and such, if not to get passengers interested in perhaps purchasing a Tesla product? Elon Musk has a reputation as a serial promoter and I wouldn’t put it past him to hide his signature behind Tesloop.

Third, comparing riding in a Tesla to air travel is certainly comparing apples to oranges. Sadly, more often than not, taking a Greyhound bus to your destination compares favorably to most air travel nowadays. Besides, one would expect to be in the lap of luxury paying $79 one-way from San Diego to L.A.

You made a claim that Tesla’s “are the safest cars on the road.” Who told you that, Michael or Miles? Have you researched this claim or just took it as fact coming from your driver and concierge – people that may indeed be employees or subcontractors of Tesla.

I hope to read more of pieces on Tesloop, including when this ride-sharing business raises its prices or expires completely.

— Stuart Rachmuth, via email.

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