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Letters to the Editor – July 21, 2017

Posted: July 21st, 2017 | Featured, Letters to the editor | No Comments

Correction to your coverage

I just received the latest edition of your local Mission Valley newspaper. In the article on SoccerCity, you state that the city council vote was 5-4 against holding the special election. I believe I read the vote was 8-1 with only Scott Sherman in favor of the special election. 

Mayor Faulconer certainly has the right to use his veto power for this vote, however misguided that it is.

Nobody wants this special election that will cost the city $5 million. And while it may be true that the Stone Group did get enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, this was before SDSU dropped out of the deal. I doubt they could get the signatures now to qualify.

SoccerCity is a bad plan to benefit a handful of people. As the saying goes “you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig”.

— Mike Culver, San Diego

[Editor’s note and correction: The council did indeed vote 8-1 in favor of the budget, which included the removal of funds for the special election. We regret the error. The 5-4 number reflected the number of councilmembers who did not support the special election to the number that did as reflected in comments during the meeting. Again, we regret the error.]

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