Letters to the Editor – July 8, 2015

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No, thank YOU! 

Re: [Volume 10, Issue 6,]

Just received my second copy of your Mission Valley News and LOVED it!

I particularly enjoyed reading Andy Cohen’s Congressional Watch column. I don’t know if he’s in every issue or not, but I hope so. 

I also loved the gardening column by Gary Jones and the informative column on smoke detectors by Molly Kirkland. Even though I’ve been a long-time member of the SDCAA [San Diego Apartment Association], this boiled the info down to digestible form.

Thank you for publishing such a wonderful little paper that’s packed with interesting articles.

—Gail Folkman, San Diego

Make connector through Franklin Ridge only 

Re: “Franklin Ridge Road connector is debated at planning meeting” [Volume 10, Issue 6,]

I live in the community of Civita and I am opposed to the access road to Phyllis Place on Via Alta. Several residents I have talked to living in this community are not completely against the access being on Franklin Ridge Road but are extremely against it on Via Alta. Apparently the city planners, Sudberry Properties, Mission Valley Planning Group did not come up with alternative plan like this, because it wasn’t bought up at the heated debate on June 1.

Unfortunately, [most] members of the Mission Valley Planning Group were not aware of the environment of Civita. One has to experience it by walking and driving it. First of all, Via Alta is one lane each direction. There is little room for even a bike lane and I use this road to bike up to the top.

Via Alta will become the gateway to the dog park. Many people will walk, but many will have to drive. Where is the dog park parking going to be? I hope that the car spaces on Apex Way are not for the dog park use. [It] would be unacceptable having traffic speeding up and down this street when drivers are in a rush to or from a busy freeway . . . There will be a natural instinct for speed without a speed barrier to remind the driver that they are entering a pedestrian area. Seriously, look at the project dynamics. The plan is for two conjoining roads and with a connection to the Central Park stairway in which many will cross the road to the dog park or from the adjacent Apex and Frame and Focus complex.

What’s the plan for this? A stop sign with embedded light system or expensive signal lights? What about trying to cross the median further down by the Altana complex or Lucent? Shall there be stop signs installed to slow down traffic?

With future plans for a school at the corner on Civita Boulevard and Via Alta, honestly, is this the smartest idea for this community?

It makes sense to me to make Franklin Ridge Road the only access road, being that it will have four lanes and a grade angle that will create distance from residential homes. This road is essential for emergency services to the Serra Mesa community and it will alleviate the mounting traffic (as you know) when this development is fully completed. This will reduce traffic on Mission Center Road and decrease traffic on the residential Murray Ridge Road. It will not impact the small amount of traffic west of the community church on Phyllis Place.

Civita, in my understanding, was to be relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods and be a sustainable society. Step up to the plate, and do the right thing for this community. Thank you.

—Mike Neville, San Diego

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