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By Erica Moe | Get Fit

What do Cabbage Patch dolls, Rubik’s Cubes and yo-yos all have in common? You may have stood in line overnight to get one. Everyone you knew probably had one. Even though they were genuinely loved, their flare didn’t last long and fizzled out shortly after. They were all fads back in the day.

Remember some of the fitness fads? The ThighMaster, the Shake Weight, the Ab Roller, to name just a few. Each of these items is well known, but for such a short period of time. You have probably tried at least one, if not all, of these. Instead of following the latest fitness fad, take a look at the trends below that are here to stay. The following data is taken from the American College of Sports Medicine’s Worldwide Survey for Fitness Trends for 2018.

(Courtesy Mission Valley YMCA)

Trend 1: H.I.I.T.

Also known as high-intensity interval training, it alternates very intense exercises with short rest or recovery time. Due to this being so strenuous, workout times are able to be reduced, and 30 minutes tends to be the norm for this format. It has been on the trending list for the past five years, showing that it is here to stay.

Moving on up

Coming in at No. 2, group training moved up six spots on the list. These classes are led by certified instructors who provide direction and motivation. Research shows that exercising with a group has many benefits.

Moving up five spots was flexibility and mobility rollers. Rollers have become more commonplace in fitness centers, and we now see stand-alone facilities solely dedicated to stretching.

Old school

Other trends moving a spot or two from last year, but maintaining a strong standing:

  • No. 7: Yoga
  • No. 8: Personal training
  • No. 9: Fitness programs for older adults
  • No. 10: Functional fitness
  • No. 13: Group personal training
  • No. 17: Circuit training
  • Items that have been on the list for over a decade:
  • No. 5: Strength training
  • No. 6: Educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals

New school

New items that are on the list for 2018 include: licensure for fitness professionals (No. 16); core training (No. 19); and sport-specific training (No. 20).

What’s out?

No longer making the top 20 trends were: outcome measurements, worksite health promotion, and smartphone exercise apps.

Potential popularity

Elizabeth Fouts, with Power Systems, cites two items in her trend report summary that are gaining popularity.

First: On-demand and streaming fitness programming, like Peloton, which is coming to the Mission Valley YMCA in the fall and is available now at Toby Wells YMCA. These stationary bikes allow you to do a class on demand or take a live class from instructors in New York and compete with others around the world. Think of it as virtual group training. Even though technology is emerging on the list, smartphone apps for fitness were on the decline.

Second: Meal prep. Nutrition is a huge component of fitness. We’ve seen fitness facilities selling supplements, the smoothie phase, and then, a transition to protein bars. Now, look for freshly prepared meals.

—Erica Moe, M.S., is an ACSM-certified exercise physiologist who writes on behalf of the Mission Valley YMCA where she is fitness director.

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